General arrangement
Midship section
Lines drawing
Offset table
Moulding plan
Section area curve
Equipment number calculation and plan
Freeboard calculation and plan
Gross tonnage calculation
Capacity plan
Capacity plan with deadweight scale
Outline specification
Building specification
Light ship estimation
Lightweight distribution
Electric load analisys
Preliminary stability booklet
Preliminary damage stability booklet
Preliminary instruction for the Master - Loading manual
Preliminary longitudinal strength calculation
Hydrostatic tables
Speed power analysis
Consumption calculation
Model test report and assistance to the model test
Cargo tank outline
Machinery list
Tanks moulding lines for clean sea/cleanship notation
Shaft arrangement
LNG tanks arrangement
LNG tanks venting and hazardous zones
LNG tanks lay-out
LNG system plot plan
LNG system operation diagrams
Heat flow and boil off calculation
Heat flow and pressure rise calculation - buffer tank
Provisions & guidelines for LNG fuel system as per HAZID recommandation
Checklist for HAZID recommendation
LNG handling operations
LNG vaporizers skid
Heating water system skid
Guidelines for LNG piping - scope of supply
Technical specification of main LNG fuel system machinery
Provision store and refrigerated chamber
Wheelhouse, chart room and radio station
Engine room
Steering gear room
Engine room store and workshop
Emergency generator room
Ballast pump room
Cargo pump room
Cargo compressor room
Munter station
Air conditioning room
CO2 room and fire store
Paint store
Block subdivision plan
Geometrical indication
Shell expansion
Scantling plan - transversal sections cargo area
Scantling plan - longitudinal sections cargo area
Scantling plan - horizontal sections cargo area
Transversal sections stern structure
Longitudinal sections stern structure
Horizontal sections stern structure
Fore end structure
Horizontal sections superstructures
Radiographic inspection plan
Cargo tanks moulding lines plan
Cargo store & sample store structure
Welding dimension
Cradle outline
Cargo tanks - scantling plan
Cargo tanks vertical supports and antirolling blocks
Cargo tanks anticollision blocks
Cargo tanks radiographic inspection plan
Steel plates and profiles list
Thermal, fire and acoustic insulation plan
CO2 room thermal and fire insulation plan
Structural fire protections and escape plan
Escape plan from cargo holds
Escape plan from ballast tanks in cargo and bow areas
Life saving appliances plan
Hazardous areas plan
Fire extinguishers and portable fire fighting equipment plan
Safety plan/Fire control plan
Navigation and signal light plan
Steering appliances and compasses plan
Internal communication plan
Safe access to the bow
Bridge visibility plan
Appendages plan
E.R. and fore spaces manhole plan
Cargo zone manholes plan
Manholes details
Pressure test plan
Freeboard and hull marks plan
Docking plan
Bottom plugs arrangement & details
Cargo tank insulation typical
Cargo domes sealing arrangement
Cargo tank ladders
Cargo tank dome hatches
Cargo tanks radar arrangement
Main penetrations on canopy deck and cargo tanks
Owner's logo
Bilge keel arrangement and details
Main engine foundation
Boilers foundations and reinforcement
Shaft alternator foundation
Emergency diesel generator foundation and reinforcement
Steering gear foundation
Freefall and rescue boat foundation and reinforcement
Inert gas storage tank construction, foundation and reinforcement
Bilge wells arrangement and structural details
Deck tank arrangement and foundation
Stern boss construction
Canopy deck reinforcement
Crane and compressors foundations
Chain locker bitter end details
Chain locker hatch bolted plate
Rudder blade and rudder trunk geometry
Mooring plan
Mooring equipment under deck reinforcements
Windlass and mooring winches foundations and reiforcements
Emergency towing systems arrangement
Hatches arrangement
Hatches details
Internal ladders arrangement
Internal ladders details
External ladders arrangement
External ladders details
Accommodation staircase with stair
Handrails arrangement and details
In water survey plan
Spare anchor foundation
Deck tank accessories
Cargo and fuel oil manifolds drip tray
Manifold hoses support arrangement
Hawse pipe arrangement
Anchor chain chafting area protection
Grid for E.R. sea chest
Grids for emergency fire pump sea chest
Bow thruster arrangement
Bow thruster grids
Echosoundar, speed log and draft sensor arrangement
Doors general plan and details
Windows arrangement plan and details
Provision store and ER workshop crane arrangement
Cargo hoses handling crane arrangement
Rescue boat and liferafts crane arrangement
Free fall life boat arrangement
E.R. lifting rails and appliances arrangement
Navigation side light holder box
Suez mast construction
Flag mast and aft navigation lights
Aft mast construction
Fore mast construction
Lighting masts on cargo deck
Fuel oil service and purifying
Fuel oil fill and transfer
Grey water discharge and internal scuppers
Ship's service and E/R compressed air
Firefighting water supply
Thermal oil in E.R.
Steam and condesate
Sewage collecting and treatment
External scuppers
Lub oil fill, transfer and purifying
Fresh and sea water cooling
Exhaust gas
Boiler feed water system and evaporator
Sea water cargo cooling
Inert gas generating
Gutter ways, drip tray and silencer draining
Spray water
Fire extinguishing chemical powder
Hot and cold water
Quick closing
Local application
Spill tanks and spillage collecting
Nitrogen / dry air connection lines schematic in E.R.
Automation compressed air
Distilled/fresh water services
Oxyacetylenic plant
Cooling water system heat balance
Steering gear hydraulic
Cargo and stripping
Cargo tanks venting system and vapour return
Cargo tanks cleaning
Oil discharge monitoring and control
Fresh water system on deck
Cargo and ballast tanks ventilation
E/R air vent and sounding
Cargo area air vent and sounding
Gas freeing system
Deck inert gas
Cargo tanks heating
Cargo tanks suction wells arrangement and details
Cargo pumps arrangement
Foam monitor position plan and platform layout
Cargo piping principle lay-out upper deck
Cargo piping principle lay-out cargo holds
Cargo piping principle lay-out inside cargo tanks
Cargo piping principle lay-out in cargo pump room
E.R. sea chest valve arrangement
Pipe list
Fixed gas detection system plot plan
Engine room and purifiers room ventilation air balance
Services and cargo spaces ventilation air balance
Engine room ventilation - single line diagram
Purifier room ventilation - single line diagram
Cargo pump room ventilation - single line diagram
Aft service spaces ventilation - single line diagram
Cargo area ventilation - single line diagram
Fore service spaces ventilation - single line diagram
External ventilation openings local and remote control system - Layout & schematic diagram
E.R. and purifiers room ducts pressure losses calculation
Ventilation fans - Tender technical specifications
Ventilation fire dampers - Tender technical specification
E.R and purifiers room remote control closing dampers and system
MES standard for ventilation grids with closing damper
E/R air flow balance
Engine room double bottom - electrical installation
Ship's AC electrical system - principle diagram
Main cable trays schematic diagrams - Arrangement drawing
Bow thruster space - electrical installations
Engine control room - arrangement drawing
Wheelhouse - arrangement drawing
Cargo valves control HPU - cable block and connection diagram
Cargo control room - arrangement drawing
Cargo holds equipment disposition
Main switchboard 440 V AC - enquiry specification
Engine room 1st flat - electrical installation
Ship's DC electrical system - principle diagram
Disposition of 440VAC 230VAC 24VDC distributors - equipment disposition
Electric load balance 440 VAC - calculation
Power distribution panels 440VAC - circuit lists
Main switchboard 220 V AC - enquiry specification
Engine control room - arrangement drawing
Short circuits currents - calculation
Emergency voltage distribution panels 230VAC
Emergency switchboard - enquiry specification
Emergency generator - cable block diagram
Emergency switchboard - single line diagram
Emergency switchboard - connection diagram
Wheelhouse - arrangement drawing
DC voltage distribution panels 24VDC - circuit lists
Accummulator batteries - enquiry specification
Auxiliary generators - cable block diagram
Main switchboard 440 V AC - single line diagram
Main switchboard 440V - connection diagram
Cargo control room - arrangement drawing
Rectifiers / chargers - enquiry specification
Main switchboard 230V - single line diagram
Main switchboard 230V - connection diagram
Navigation equipment power supply diagram
Transformers - enquiry specification
Electrician test board - enquiry specification
Shore connection box - enquiry specification
Standard electric cables - enquiry specification
Material for cable runs and penetrations - enquiry specification
Main deck after spaces - electrical installation
Thruster - cable block diagram
Thruster - connection diagram
Steering gear room - electrical installations
Deck consumers power distribution - cable block diagram
Auxiliary room - electrical installations
Engine room ventilation - cable block diagram
Pump room - electrical installation
Nitrogen generator room - electrical installation
Galley and laundry equipment - cable block diagram
Engine control room - electrical installation
Provision refrigerating equipment - cable block diagram
Provision refrigerating equipment - connection diagram
Cargo control room - Electrical installations
HVAC equipment - cable block diagram
HVAC equipment - connection diagram
Main deck forward spaces - electrical installation
Local application fire fighting system - cable block diagram
Canopy deck - electrical installations
Poop deck - electrical installations
Galley - electrical installations
Starting air and working air compressors - cable block diagram
Cathodic protection/antifouling - cable block diagram
Pumps starters - cable block diagram
Motor starters - connection diagram
Motor starters - functions list
Separators - cable block and connection diagram
Fresh water generator - cable block diagram
Boilers cable block and connection diagram
Incinerator - cable block diagram
Electrical light fittings and accessories - equipment list
Lighting fixtures - enquiry specification
Navigation and signal lights - cable block diagram
External lighting - equipment disposition
Navigation and signal lights distribution panels - circuit lists
Floodlights and searchlights - enquiry specification
Lighting distributors - normal supply 220 V - cable block diagram
Lighting distributors - emergency supply 220 V - cable block diagram
Emergency lighting - equipment disposition
Lighting distribution panels, 230 VAC - circuit lists
Electrical installation material - enquiry specification
Cargo group starter panel - cable block diagram (power)
Nitrogen generator plant - cable block diagram
Windows wipers - cable block and connection diagram
Shaft torque meter - cable block diagram
LAN network - cable block diagram
CO2 Plant - cable block diagram
"A" deck - electrical installation
Emergency generator room - electrical installation
Marine clock system - cable block diagram
Sound reception system - cable block diagram
CCTV system - cable block diagram
Emergency engine telegtaph - cable block diagram
Internal communication equipment - enquiry specification
"B" deck - electrical installations
Batteryless telephones system - cable block diagram
Batteryless telephones system - connection diagram
Internal communication system - equipment disposition
Command and talk-back system - cable block diagram
Command and talk-back system - connection diagram
Automatic telephones system - cable block diagram
Automatic telephones system - connection diagram
Public address system - cable block diagram
Public address system - connection diagram
Communal TV and radio serial plant - cable block diagram
Ship's airwhistle - cable block diagram
Ship's airwhistle - connection diagram
Voyage data recorder (VDR) - cable block diagram
Voyage data recorder (VDR) - connection diagram
Automatic identification system (AIS) - cable block diagram
Automatic identification system (AIS) - connection diagram
Radar equipment - cable block diagram
Radar equipment connection diagram
Cargo hydraulic power pack system - cable block diagram
Navigational equipment - enquiry specification
Bridge deck - electrical installation
Electronic position fixing equipment - cable block diagram
Electronic position fixing equipment - connection diagram
Echo sounder & speed log transducers - equipment disposition
Compasses and autopilot - cable block diagram
Compasses and steering control equipment - connection diagram
Steering control equipment and rudder angle indicator - cable block diagram
Rudder angle indicator - connection diagram
Echo sounder - cable block diagram
Echo sounder - connection diagram
Speed log - cable block diagram
Speed log - connection diagram
Electronic charts display and information system (ECDIS) - cable block diagram
Electronic charts display and information system (ECDIS) - connection diagram
External communication (radio) equipment - enquiry specification
Satcom & MF/HF communication equipment - cable block diagram
Satcom and MF/HF communication equipment connection diagram
Ship's aerials - equipment disposition
Life saving radio equipment - items list
VHF radio equipment - cable block diagram
VHF radio equipment - connection diagram
Wind speed indicator - cable block diagram
Gas detection system - cable block diagram
Fire detection and alarm plant - enquiry specification
Compass deck - electrical installations
Fire detection and alarm plant - cable block diagram
Fire detection and alarm plant - connection diagram
Fire detection and alarm plant - equipment disposition
Propulsion control plant - cable block diagram
Propulsion control plant - connection diagram
Machinery alarm monitoring and control plant - enquiry specification
Machinery alarm monitoring and control plant - cable block diagram
Machinery alarm monitoring and control system - connection diagram
Officers call system - cable block and connection diagram
Automation plant input/output (i/o) list - tabular document
Emergency stop system - cable block diagram
Emergency stop system - connection diagram
Bridge watch alarm system - cable block diagram
Bridge watch alarm system - connection diagram
Refrigerated spaces call signalization - cable block diagram
Refrigerated spaces call signalization - connection diagram
Common signaling in machinery spaces - cable block diagram
Common signaling in machinery spaces - connection diagram
Ballast tanks sounding system - cable block diagram
Ballast tanks sounding system - connection diagram
Cargo tanks sounding system - cable block diagram
Ballast control system - cable block diagram
Ballast system control plant - connection diagram
Cargo control system - cable block diagram
Casing, air condition and CO2 room - electrical installations
Bridge control consoles - connection diagram
Bridge control consoles - front view
ECR console - connection diagram
ECR console - front view
Rudder system
Steering gear system
Fresh water generator and distilled water treatment plant
Central cooling system heat exchangers
Ballast fuel bilge valves remote control
Heavy fuel oil purifier
Marine diesel oil purifier
Lubricating oil purifier
Bow thruster
Thermal oil heater
Steam generator
Oily water bilge separator
Fresh drinking-wash water module
Starting air compressor
Sewage treatment system
Anchor and chain
Bollards, fairleads and mooring outfittings
CO2 system
Fixed water firefighting system
Low temperature central cooling water control valve
Magnetic level indicator
HFO tanks heating control valves
Windlasses and mooring winches
E.R. workshop and provision store service crane
Cargo hoses crane
Impressed current cathodic protection
E.R. sea chest antifouling system
Foam fire fighting system
Dry chemical powder fire fighting system
Rescue boat and crane for rescue boat/liferaft
External steel doors
Waste elimination plant (incinerator)
Accommodation ladders
Life saving appliances
Loading computer
Oxyacetylene welding plant
Quick closing valves system
Freefall lifeboat
Main engine diesel generating set
Emergency diesel generating set
Provision store service crane
Exhaust gas system
Remote level indicators
Life belts and life jackets
Firemen equipment and breathing apparatus
Boatswain and carpenter inventory
Eletrician inventory
Accommodation inventory
Mess room inventory
Galley and pantries equipment and inventory
Engine room inventory
Engine room workshop equipment 
Laundry furniture and equipment
Cargo valves remote control system
Cargo and stripping pumps
P/V valves
Inert gas system
Cargo tanks calibration
Crude oil washing machines
Portable blowers
Cargo instrumentation
Gas detection system
Cargo system gate valves for high temperature service
H.F.O and L.O. purifiers heat exchangers
Cargo pumps hydraulic drive system
Compressed air receivers and service / control air compressors
H.T. fresh water cooler
Cargo tanks insulation
Cargo tanks supports
Oil discharge monitoring and control system for oil tanker
Inclining test procedure
Stability test /Light weight survey assistance and report
Sea trial procedure
Speed trials assistance and report
Manoeuvrability report
Vibration analysis prediction for ballast and full load draught
Final stability booklet
Final damage stability booklet
Final instruction for the Master - Loading manual
Final longitudinal strength calculation
On-board loading instrument
Tank levels
Sounding tables
Ullage tables
Oil discarge monitoring and control systems manual (ODME)
Cargo system procedure and arrangement manual (P&A)
Ship structures access manual
Environmental management plan
Marpol 77/78 Annex I - Procedures and arrangements manual
Marpol 77/78 Annex II - Procedures and arrangements manual
Alternative propulsion system manual (AVM-APS-NS)
Green Passport
Garbage management plan
Vapour emission control system manual (VCS)
International sewage pollution prevention manual
International air pollution prevention documents - clean air manual
Ship to ship transfer manual (STS)
Emergency towing systems arrangement manual (ETA)
Shipboard marine pollution emergency plan (SMPEP)
Technical specification for approval of safety plan
Ballast water management plan
Shaft monitoring manual (MON-SHAFT)
Risk analysis manual
Form C gas
Launching calculation
Cargo tanks heating and steam balance calculation