Pesaro Shipyard - 4000 cbm LPG tanker

We are pleased to inform that the Launching Ceremony of LPG tanker "Ocean Pearl" will be held on Saturday the 10th of June 2006.

The vessel, first of 6 sisterships, is derived from our previous design for the same Shipyard (2 vessels were built in the 1997, shown in the left picture).
The design is a substantial modification of a previous one by M.E.S., adapted in order to satisfy the uptaded Regulations, and all the building stages preliminarily studied with the Shipyard.
The 20 years co-operation between the Italian Shipyard and M.E.S. has created a consolidated synergy that
allows to have a total control upon the most complex production aspects of the vessel, but first of all upon
the production costs, main factor to make the new buildings competitive and achievable.
During 1990-2000 the Shipyard built, on M.E.S. design, 2 ethylene tankers of 4000 cbm, 3 ethylene tankers of 7000 cbm, 1 7000 dwt bitumen carrier and gas tankers of 4000 cbm.
The new millenium has seen the Shipyard involved in the construction of 2 ethylene tankers of 9000 cbm (the bigger ever made in Pesaro Shipyard) and 1 6000 dwt chemical tanker IMO II.

Best Compliments from all the M.E.S. Staff to the Shipyard for this new event and Best Wishes for a long lucky co-operation!

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