From the 1st of September an inspection campaign on tanker vessels will start to verify correct damage stability calculations on gas carriers and oil/chemical tankers, as well as the proper work of the relevant Loading Instrument. Furthermore, a new Regulation “IACS Req. 2004 L5” was issued to regulate the correct way to build the Loading Instrument: it has to be based on a 3D model and the deviation tolerances with the official damage stability calculations will have to be within very low limits.

We are glad to inform that we are ready to offer our Loading Instrument for a user-friendly check of the loading conditions under damage, as well as with other features on request. The system is in fully compliance with the last Rules and able to satisfy the strict recommendations. Double benefit: safety and commercial advantage (maximum cargo loading without limitations due to damage stability calculations).

The system can be interfaced with the ship’s automation, by the standard communication protocols (active system). We include also assistance services to support the Responsible Officer, by video tutorial and assistance online. The system can be duplicated for Head Office uses (planning, check, database, etc…). We propose our service for new and existing ships as well.

Trusting to offer a product in line with our Quality standard.

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