A new activity of surveillance is starting at RMK Marine Shipyard (Instanbul - Turkey), for a 19000 cbm twin skeg shallow draft tanker. The vessel is an Ice Class 1A tanker for Oil Products and Chemicals IMO II of specific gravity up to 1.54 t/m3.
The surveillance and the design documentation approval was commited to M.E.S. because of the recent experience of our innovative design on the 18000 dwt chemical tanker Ice Class 1A [see the work in progress - P1364 link].

(on the left picture, a RMK Marine Shipyard view in Pendik Bay)

From now up to the end of 2008, over 20 vessels will be surveilled by M.E.S. in 8 different Shipyards, in Turkey, Korea and Indonesia, bringing to the Clients our experience, to achieve the best results on their products.

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