On the 22nd of June was successfully carried out the inclining experiment of the “BESIKTAS GH” in the outfitting pier of Besiktas Shipyard, a twin skeg Ethylene Carrier having a cargo capacity of 9000 cbm.

A week later, were also successfully performed the sea trials. In the speed test, the ship has achieved a speed of about 14.8 knots with a total absorbed power of 3190 kW. With only one main engine running, a speed of about 10.5 knots was reached with an absorbed power of about 1890 kW. These excellent performances are due thanks to a strong hydrodynamic optimization of the hull which is one of the strengths of Marine Engineering Services.
Regarding the prevention of environmental pollution, the ship, built under special survey of RINA, is fitted with efficient means to control and prevent the emission of polluting substances in the sea and in the air and with systems for the control of vapour emission from cargo tanks so to obtain the additional class notation GREEN STAR 3 DESIGN.
“BESIKTAS GH”, that currently is the first twin skeg LPG/LEG Carrier designed by MES, will probably be delivered to the Shipowner around the beginning of August.


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