M/T Giancarlo D was DELIVERED on 25th of March 2016 to the Shipowner De Poli Tankers.


The  ship, first of a series of two 19800 dwt Chemical Tankers IMO 2, is the first M.E.S. design realized in China and obtained successful results in terms of weight and speed/power performance, see previous articles


Chinese Goal! http://www.mes.it/news.html?id=50

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and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HKcVgiUnjU


The second ship Davide B is under construction at Ningbo Xinle Shipyard.

The hull forms of these ships were deeply optimized in Wien Model Basin (Vienna Model Basin Ltd http://www.sva.at/) to obtain the highest performance; in order to have further improvement, the high efficient Sistemar CLT propeller (unconventional tip shape propeller) was successfully adopted...

CLT propeller model (by Sistemar)


    CLT propeller model during Self Propulsion Test at

    Wien Model Basin


CLT propeller installed on Giancarlo D


...in combination with a special rudder bulb (Costa bulb: we will go in detail soon, with a new dedicated article).

The achieved speed was 16 knots with 5100 kW power.


The ship, classified by RINA (http://www.rina.org), was designed according to Green Plus additional Class Notation and it was achieved a total score of 115 points (minimum required 100 points).

Further to the ship’s design, M.E.S. supplied also the Loading Computer (with an active system that realize the online communication with the ship’s automation) and the brand new software “Optimum Trim” that checks the drafts to have in each loading condition the optimum trim, in order to reduce the fuel consumption during the trips.

OTS - Optimum Trim Software


CONGRATULATIONS to the Shipowner (De Poli Tankers) and to the Shipyard (Ningbo Xinle Shipyard)!


See also : http://www.ship2shore.it/it/shipping/chiara-de-poli-sulle-tracce-di-marco-polo_60760.htm (Italian version only)




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