Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry


Main dimensions
ShipownerSociete des Traversiers du Quebec (STQ)
N ships1
Length O.A.abt. 130 m
Length B.P.120.043 m
Breadth MLDabt. 22.4 m
Design draft5.4 m
Corr. deadweight1885 t
Scantling draft5.5 m
Corr. deadweight2000 t
Service Speed20 knots (at 85% MCR with 10% Sea Margin)
Power20880 kW
Crew22 (Passengers 800)

Tank capacities (100% full)

Heavy fuel oil tanksLNG 500 cbm (90%)
Diesel oil tanks350 cbm (90%)
Lube oil tanks40 cbm (90%)
Potable water tanks200 cbm (100%)
Water ballast tanks900 cbm (100%)
General notes

The main machinery is made of a dual fuel engine electric power station including four medium speed dual fuel (MDO/gas) engines and two azimuth thrusters driven by electric propulsion motors.

The vessel is able to navigate in ice conditions such as specified for the Ice Class 1A of the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules.

M.E.S. provided engineering services for the following parts of basic design:

Midship section & Scantling plan

System schematic



LNG bunkering station