We are very glad and proud to announce the start of an important Project for M.E.S.: a series of 7500 cbm LNG bunkering vessels will be built by KEPPEL Singmarine Shipyard, with M.E.S. design. The cargo tanks and cargo handling system will be supplied by G&H, specialized Company participated by M.E.S. The ships are ordered by Stolt Nielsen and they will be employed to feed the new small scale LNG terminal in Sardinia, Italy, that will be also built by G&H.

This important target was achieved by combined efforts: first of all, on 27 January 2017, a Ministerial Decree for the authorisation to build and operate a small scale LNG terminal in Sardinia, Italy, was granted by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development; once built, this will be the first small scale LNG terminal in the Mediterranean area. Second, the design of a high performing ship, with a speed/power ratio higher than the one obtained by Competitors (abt 20%); the performance was tested in Wien Model Basin and the good results obtained by a wide campaign of hull forms optimization. Third, a competitive Shipyard was selected, ensuring a high quality level. These above were only the first steps of a two years process that included also the definition of the contracts for the distribution of the gas. Now everything is on the right way and the Contracts among the Parties are entering into force. In the meantime, we M.E.S. already designed a significant part of the ship, after the definition of the Ship’s Technical Specification, agreed with the Shipowner.

Congratulations to all the involved Parties and good luck for this exciting Project !!